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Wendigo Fadora Witchy Hat



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Evie Strange

Wicked Moon Creations

Wicked Harnesses, Accessories and Witchy Apparel.

Wendigo Fadora Witchy Hat

Whether you believe the wendigo lurks in the woods at night or not, this is not just another boogeyman story meant to scare people for no reason. It also has historical significance for many Indigenous communities.

The legend of the wendigo has long been associated with real-life problems like insatiable greed, selfishness, and violence. It’s also linked to the many cultural taboos against these negative actions and behaviors.

Basically, the word wendigo can also function as a symbol for gluttony and the image of excess. As Basil Johnston has written, the idea of “turning Wendigo” is a very real possibility when the word refers to self-destruction, rather than literally becoming a monster in the forest.


Women's Black Fedora Summer or Spring Hats

Material : Wool-felt w/PU Buckle Band
Design Material: Vinyl

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