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“Raven Skull” Choker Necklace



Available Quantity : 8

Seller Info:

Evie Strange

Wicked Moon Creations

Wicked Harnesses, Accessories and Witchy Apparel.

Grab the attention of goths like you with this unique raven skull choker necklace. Made by witches for witches, this necklace combines the ancient heart of the raven with spooky modern vibes. The raven skull charm comes attached to a high-quality, adjustable, vegan leather band. The materials used to make this unique witchy piece guarantee a long-lasting, optimal fit and appearance.

● Features a bold and intricate charm design of a raven skull on an elegant leather choker.
● Perfect for tapping into your dark side and showing off the fashionable witch that lives inside all of us.
● Color: black

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