Guide to the coven

Your Art…Your Community…Our Mission to Spookify the World! One Artist at a Time!

About The Collective Coven

We are on a mission to Spookify the world, one artist at a time! We’ve created a one-stop shop for all things spooky, gothic, dark arts, and horror — we are the only one of its kind. We celebrate your unique, hand-crafted designs with a touch of Magic.

Looking to Sale?

The Collective Coven helps artists get discovered, and enthusiasts find one of a kind Items. If you’re a creator of all things magical and dark, our mission is to help promote and grow your business.

Wondering how to start? We’ve made it ultra-simple: no membership fees, no listing fees, no risks attached. Simply sign up with the Coven, and get your amazing work online. We believe in celebrating everything, so we don’t have restrictions or censorship on what you sell. We especially love to support women entrepreneurs and she-darklings. Your art, your aesthetic, your community — we believe in helping you succeed.

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What we offer

From making it super easy for you to set up your shop, to promoting your creations on our social media,  everything we offer at the Collective Coven is to help your success. No hidden fees or startup costs; all we take is an 8% fee per transaction (Not including Paypal Fees). Here’s everything we do at the Collective Coven:

  • Straightforward online store set up
  • Easy to apply discounts for your customers
  • Guaranteed secure payments
  • No censorship or restrictions on what you sell
  • No limit on how many products you bring on our online marketplace
  • Promoting your creations on our social media platforms
  • An option for editing on your shop

Sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for!