The Collective Coven is all about bringing together Halloween enthusiasts and helping our spooky community come together in this corner of the internet, where our amazing Artists & Clients buy and sell their wicked cool items on our spooktacular marketplace so they can celebrate the Hallows’ Evening with their unique style and endless fun.
We charge a 8% percent of transaction fee (these do not include Paypal fees) Free advertisement on our Marketplace and social media pages!
At The Collective Coven we work with talented artists to provide you with a variation of magical unique products. If you are interested in a product, you can purchase it through http://thecollectivecoven.com . All purchases are made directly with the artist selling the product. If you have a question about the product you can reach out to that seller directly. Buying a product is like any other e-commerce website. You select a product to add to your cart and it is placed into your cart. You can access your cart to continue the purchase process. All payments for products are made securely through Paypal. You are able to purchase the product as an Coven member by registering with us.
In order to leave feedback for a product a buyer must log in to there account. Once you have purchased a product you can leave feedback for your products by going into "my account" and visit your history. Any product purchased without registration will not be viable for feedback.
All sales are made directly between you and an artist on the Collective Coven. If something is wrong with your purchase (whether you do not hear from the artist, or you are not happy with the product) we recommend that you get in touch with the artist first. You can find their contact information on their store page. If you still need help, please reach out to our team by emailing us at contact@thecollectivecoven.com and we will attempt to get in touch with the artist as well and try to resolve the situation as quickly (and painlessly) as possible.
Only a seller has the ability to void a transaction. If you need to cancel your purchase, please reach out to the seller directly. You can do so by going to the shop's homepage and clicking "Contact Shop Owner”.
Send any questions that weren't answered here to: contact@thecollectivecoven.com
First Contact Seller to resolve Issue they will be handling your package. All Refunds will have an 8% Processing Fee.

First step Sign up link https://www.thecollectivecoven.com/register

Then on the right side of your screen you see a button to become a Seller

All Sellers will have to be Approved by Admins.

Make sure to read our Terms and conditions & our Privacy Policy



Transaction fee is 8% not including PayPal fee.
All payments are securely done by PayPal.

All advertising on our site will be free for sellers. We will be adding your products on our Facebook as well so they can click shop on our Instagram.

Payouts will be by PayPal (so on your Dashboard make sure that your PayPal email is inputted)

Payouts will be done every 2 weeks (this will help us keep track of any issues and manage disputes better.)