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The Collective Coven is the ultimate online marketplace for all things spooky and alternative — discover the handmade magic of artists & makers everywhere!
The Only Place where you can find a Coven of Artists and Creators that specialize in Spooky, Gothic, and Horror themed Dark Arts! A Halloween enthusiast's dream! Full of the most unique products and art that will haunt your dreams. Whether you one of a kind items or want to sell your amazing wicked and spooky goods, you’ll find The Coven has fans and buyers who appreciate your art and dedication to All Hallows’ Eve like no place else.

We are bringing artists, creators, and the spooky community together online!

"We Are Collectively Creating Magic"


Obviously, our online Marketplace runs on magic. In fact, it takes a ton of spells just to keep things moving in order. However, we don’t put these spells on display for obvious reasons, and our buyers and sellers only get to deal with the magic they’re capable of handling: technology. Under the cloak of technology, we use our magic to provide our sellers the best support possible. First off, they get to bring their creative unique dark ideas to life and sell it to our growing community of Halloween enthusiasts. Additionally, they get to show their magical arts and products to store visitors who are already looking for something unique and spooky.


The Beginning... The Collective Coven is the brainchild of a Little Witch. She is full of joy, magic, and fun. If you ever talk to her about how the coven was made, she might tell you some version of this story: “When I was a child, the holiday season was always a flurry of excited activity. I assisted in the making of decorations, gift bags, and games that brought smiles to the elderly and entertained even the youngest in the neighborhood. The magical times I shared with my mother creating and decorating were also filled with inspiration. “As I grew up, I developed an affinity for all things spooky that grew into a passion for the Gothic, the Paranormal, and the Macabre. This passion immediately translated to creativity and new ideas, as I found my sense of personal style. Before long, I was customizing my clothing and absorbing media on all things spooky, dark, and horrific. “As the sands of time continued to flow, I met my “Vampire” who shares my love for the Dark. One day, he made an interesting comment as I was spookifying my latest attire. He said, ‘Why don’t you sell your designs?’ “I was thunderstruck. It had never before dawned on me that my spooky, witchy manifestations would be desired by others! The sparks of an idea immediately flared to life and, as fate would have it, I immediately suffered an injury that relegated me to my little cave of seclusion for two weeks. “There in the forced stillness, my flickering sparks of an idea became a burning flame of inspiration. Sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears, matched with the support and toil of three years, yielded spooktacular results. My creations were manifested, the ideas were a raging flood, and my passion was a blazing fire! My adventures as a vendor and creator over the last three years have taken me to many events and led me to creating bonds of true sisterhood and camaraderie. “I’ve come to admire how others in my spooky community appreciate each other’s art, and it has inspired me to keep moving forward in the world. The Collective Coven was born out of this sense of gratitude and the passion to support the community I so dearly love. “I feel that our community, no matter how reclusive or obscured in the shadows we are from each other, can band together and help each artist grow beyond their own expectations! I truly love the spooky community and all the art, creativity, and passion that comes with it. Through mutual respect, admiration, and support, we can spookify the world!” Come Join The Coven!


The Collective Coven is built with passion and driven by the expertise of our diligent team who are committed to the platform’s vision of empowering Halloween artists, product designers, and creators to help them make profit out of their talent and passion. We’re also committed to helping enthusiasts find the best, the most creative, and the most unique Halloween products under one roof.